Areum Hwang
(Studio A Room)

is a graphic designer.
Having recently graduated from ArtEZ (Arnhem) in the Netherlands, she focuses on seeking the relationship between typography and community communication. Emphasizing the types of messages design can deliver to our circles, she is open to working and collaborating to achieve it.
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What is Sooooooooooap?

Fluids possess a unique ability to navigate obstacles, permeating some, dissolving others, and leaving solids they encounter altered. This fluidity mirrors our rapidly changing world, a concept articulated by Zygmun Bauman in "Liquid Times," emphasizing the impermanence of bonds in our contemporary society. We straddle the realms of digital existence and reality, acting as both creators and custodians of virtual extensions to our lives. As conduits between the virtual and tangible, we depend on and coexist with this medium. This project materializes this dynamic, beginning with a monitor's loosened frame, allowing the screen to spill forth. This act, reflecting the boundless expanse of digital space, serves as a starting point, imbuing the video with a sense of liquidity. The gap between screen and frame dissolves the confines of digital space, as screen surfaces expand into physical space, embodying the 'in-between' condition. These surfaces contain both digital content and glimpses of the physical world beyond. Eventually, they cascade to the floor, assuming a liquid form that permeates and spreads across it, ultimately reaching a mirror. This continuous flow establishes a nuanced state between the digital and physical realms, perpetually looping in an ever-evolving interplay.