Areum Hwang
(Studio A Room)

is a graphic designer.
Having recently graduated from ArtEZ (Arnhem) in the Netherlands, she focuses on seeking the relationship between typography and community communication. Emphasizing the types of messages design can deliver to our circles, she is open to working and collaborating to achieve it.
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Cuteness; that’s what we believe

Growing up in South Korea immersed in Asian culture, I couldn't help but notice the prevalent media portrayal of women willingly sacrificing themselves to uphold male authority, deeming it normal. When I voiced my concerns about this skewed representation, I was often brushed off as overly sensitive. The emergence of the 2015 reboot feminism movement in Korea, primarily fueled by online activism, brought attention to this ongoing issue, yet the objectification of women in media remained a contentious topic. It was during my studies in Western culture in the Netherlands that I came to understand the stark contrast in how women were depicted outside of Asia. Eastern cultures, especially in Korea, China, and Japan, tended to idealize women with passive, compliant attributes, often characterized by soft speech and graceful conduct. This revelation served as the catalyst for my project, "Cuteness; that’s what we believe." In 2022, this project culminated in a video essay dissecting the portrayal of Asian women in the media, specifically within the realms of entertainment, YouTube, and influencer culture. The essay compellingly showcased how these women frequently conformed to societal expectations of female behavior. Following this, a series of paper-based publications, drawing from the imagery in the video essay, were released to underscore the objectification of women.

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Video Essay